Preparing for the Trip

The idea about this trip is that I would put my things in storage, rent the house and live off the proceeds. I have given myself six months to get the house in order. It has been slow at times. I have done endless trips to the charity shop, it was wonderful to get rid of things. I am amazed at how much I accumulate that I don’t need. One of the things I look forward to in my trip is just having a suitcase and not an entire wardrobe of things I don’t wear. I have been strict, have not worn this in two years, clearly I don’t need it, so out the door it goes.

Three months before leaving I got in touch with movers with a storage facility and a month later they came to get most of my things. The approach was, if I am way for one year it is going to cost me X to store this junk, am I better off ditching it and buying new things when I get back. Which is what I did for a lot of it. I feel I should have done it even more. I had the decorators in and the house was ready to start showing to potential tenants eight weeks before departure.

People keep asking if I am nervous or worried, they mean the trip, actually being away. For me what is stressful is getting ready, making sure everything falls into place. There is so much to coordinate. Once I am out there, I know I will be fine. I have done a trial packing session, the truth is I don’t plan to take that many clothes so a small wheelie suitcase will do the trick. I will be away for perhaps a year and I  am thinking about including one luxury item, something I don’t need but really want to take with me…I have an idea but can’t decide…what would your luxury item would be?

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