The Itinerary

Grace airportAs I started to daydream about this trip, I made a wish list of all the places I wanted to see. After a while it was clear that it would be impossible to visit them all and it was difficult to decide which ones I would not get round to visiting. The way I feel about flying at the moment, I do not see myself doing a similar trip at a later stage, so it is very likely that I will never get to see the places I miss now. And there is such sadness and finality about it. But I have to practical and realistic. For example, it would have been nice to visit Christmas Island during the crab migration, but it is expensive to get to it.

I have a basic idea of where I want to go though I am certain my itinerary will change many times. And that is ok. Funny how I have always been someone who plans everything to the last detail. Yet, this trip is the opposite. So the basic idea is that I will go to Asia, Australia and North America. The first five months I want to go to Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Australia. After that it is unclear, will I still have the desire to continue, if so, where will I go? I have a vague idea of perhaps going to India, China or Japan. Too soon to tell.

This trip is totally flexible and organic. My approach is that I turn up somewhere, if I like it, I stay and if I don’t, I can move on to the next place. I spent close to ten years saving airmiles and I am confident that I can pay for most of the flights that way. I have only bought the first stop, London to Bangkok and two nights at a hotel. I will let the rest unfold by itself.

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