Chiang Mai – First Impressions

Mozzie bites: 12

flat CM

My arrival in Chiang Mai was not good, the 12 hour train ride turned into nearly 15 and I arrived hungry, tired and irritable. Things did not improve when arriving at the hotel I was told the restaurant was closed but would I want to get a pizza or Burger King…I was not amused.

I spent the next couple of days trying to find accommodation and finally rented an apartment sight unseen for 3 weeks based on reviews and the fact the reception looked nice. The apartment was in a tiny lane and after I committed to it realised I had not remembered to check the street lighting. With a sense of trepidation I moved in and was thrilled it exceeded my expectations.  The apartment was fabulous and there were far more street lights here than where I lived in London.

Chiang Mai is a charming city and in a way it reminds me of Rome, you can do down any tiny lane only to come across something amazing. There is something wonderful around every corner. It is energising knowing you are going to be pleasantly surprised at any moment.

Tuk-tuk drivers make me laugh. As I walk by I am often greeted by “Tuk-tuk sir?” I would like to think the mounds in my front say otherwise but there you go. There are two types drivers, the one who actively drives around seeking passenger and the one who parks his vehicle under the first shaded spot and languidly lays in wait for a fare. The driver at the end of my lane greets me every morning splayed over the back on his tuk-tuk and as he sees me walk up on his rear view mirror he starts his usual question, never once attempting to sit up. I think of him as a frog sitting patiently for a tasty fly. And I am the fly.

Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai

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