Chiang Mai

Number of taxi drivers who today tried to charge me at least double: 5


There are so many beautiful temples and they are so different to what I am used to. The buildings are white outside but have an amazing array of colourful decorations. Really stunning. They feel very accessible and are not imposing. It is easy to just walk about and maybe come across a line of robes drying in the sun. One of the best meals I have had was in a restaurant at Wat Suan Dok temple. Probably the best vegetarian meal I have ever had. It blew my mind. 

I am more interested in the food markets than any other. The Night Bazaar felt to me as a way of getting tourists to spend money, and there were doing just that. On the other hand, the food markets are where the locals go and I find that more appealing. Mountains of colourful dragon fruit, mangoes or peanuts in their shell. And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, perhaps a frog on a stick or a bowl of larvae will do the trick. Like I said, far more interesting.

Food Market Chiang Mai

You can find a fair number of clothing shops or stalls at the markets selling your typical ethnic clothing that westerners wear en masse (mea culpa) but curiously locals only wear as part of a work uniform. I have decided that the trousers I got are neither flattering nor practical and at £2.50 destined for the bin any minute now. The dyes are really strong and I must wash them on their own. Even some of my t-shirts are blotchy with patches of colour where sweating has made the trousers run.

I have settled into an easy routine. Every morning Qi Gong, then late breakfast, a stroll through the city, lunch, more meditation, massage, delicious fruit juice, etc. This is a very easy place to be. The only thing I am missing is some company. The apartment is great but I never see anyone.

2 thoughts on “Chiang Mai

  1. i am travelling to chiang mai and would love to know where to find quirky shops, can you tell me the names and street address? thank you sarah ;}

    • Sarah
      Just go to Ristr8to coffee shop and you can walk from there to some nice shops. I am sorry I do not know any street names. I can point you to a great English speaking city guide if you are interested. She took me to all the places! Enjoy

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