Yes, I give way to roaches

(Listening to: Everybody’s Talking by The Beautiful South)


Local food is nice but very spicy, even when you say emphatically “not spicy” after two bites you will feel your mouth go numb. I have learned the hard way that not spicy simply means only one or two chillies are added, after all, they reckon, you need a bit of flavour!   

This is a country that takes eating and napping to a new level. Every few steps there is a street vendor selling fruit, soups, satay, noodles, juice, meat, ice cream, you name it. Locals are skinny yet can be seen munching away any hour of the day.  And any place is good for a nap, chair at the market stall you are manning, the floor, under a tree, not doing anything? Time to nap. I marvel at that capacity.

Street Food

I left the UK wishing for the sun, unfortunately the monsoon is not cooperating just now and it has been cloudy and overcast in Chiang Mai, so I have decided to head south. This is a very easy, buzzy city but the other morning I had a dreadful sense of deja vu after staring at grey skies. I hope I don’t have to go too far.

The only encounters with wildlife have been the roaches, big as torpedoes, that roam the pavements. No please after you, I insist. The worst though is the train. After a few hours they start crawling from wherever they hide and start taking over the floor and walls. On the 14 hour trip from Chiang Mai back to Bangkok I watched in utter fascination as they set off exploring the carriage. At one point looking at my feet on the floor all I could see was things moving. Time to get up and go for a walk I reckon.

The taxi drivers in Bangkok are a breed of their own. Unsmiling, uninterested and downright rude “I know where go, you not talk”. Not to mention the fact that they rip you off. I was warned not to get into a taxi if the meter was not on. Well so far, no luck. When you are tired, with luggage or it is pouring with rain and the driver waves you off the second you ask if the meter is working, you just get inside safe in the knowledge you are paying at least twice what you should. What else can you do?


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