To Fast or Not To Fast

The resort I am staying in is famous for healthy eating and it is the reason I chose it. Not that I am unhealthy but I want to create healthy eating habits and more importantly, I want to stick with them. I have a tendency for not eating anything for hours and then, starving, I reach for the first thing readily available, more often than not, biscuits or such like. I reckon one month should do the trick. Most people are on a detox mission. 3 or 7 day juicing or fasting.  After a few days here, the question is will I tackle the fast or not. An integral part of the detoxing is the do-it-yourself twice daily colemas (enema done on a board) which I am not wild about. The resort staff wear t-shirts with the slogan “shit happen” on the back (sic). Not sure if that puts me off or encourages me at this point.

For two weeks I can see the fasting effects on people, glowing skin and tonnes of energy and moreover all agree they feel wonderful. So I decide to take the plunge and go on a 7 day fast:

Day 1:  Feeling enthusiastic and not as hungry as I expected. Every hour and a half I take either a detox drink or some capsules which means I am filling up my stomach with liquid. I am also allowed to drink two watery broths and 3 juices per day.

Day 2: Doing ok but a little peckish. Still buoyant and very busy with the drink schedule. I do not like the colemas.  Obviously I haven’t got the hang of it. I get quite stressed and I find my day revolves around this much hated time.

Day 3: I had dreaded this day as it is when raging headaches can occur. I weaned myself off very slowly from any sugars and carbohydrates so no worries on that front.

Day 4: I feel a little fragile at times and I have caught myself getting irritated at the ants on the table more than once…

Day 5: A bit of mind fog. I can’t concentrate on anything. I feel weak and I am obsessing about the broken lounger than has been sitting there for two weeks already.

Day 6: Total mind fog. On the verge of tears the entire time. I find myself checking again and again if I have locked the room. I am reminded of the Jack Nicholson character who can’t step on the paving stone lines and I realise I am cracking up. So I stop.

3 days post fast:  Very weak and somewhat traumatised. I have sores on the sides of my mouth.

5 days post fast: My nose has been running non stop for 48 hours.

13 days post fast: I am still weak, not sleeping well and I have terribly itchy skin. It has been traumatic and I feel worse than I have done in years. Somebody said it may take up to two weeks for toxins to come out, surely this means this ordeal must be about to end…

It is possible that in the not too distant future I may enjoy some hitherto unknown health benefits. For now, there are only two words. Never again.

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