Ubud: The Magic of an Embrace

Ubud is different. Full of tourists, restaurants, souvenir shops, massage salons and yoga studios yet there is a charm about it. The Balinese are lovely, always smiling, and even though most just want you to part with your money, they are sweet about it. I walk about the streets, among all these beautiful buildings and I know I have found a place where I want to spend more time.

People I meet are surprised I have not visited anywhere else in Bali. My pace is different, I am travelling long term, they are trying to pack as much as possible in two or three weeks. I move slowly. There is no pressure to do anything. I listen to the universe and my body…like this feels right, so let’s stay here awhile.

I am happy not to make any decisions. I am normally someone who is organised, has a schedule way ahead, everything filed and labelled. This trip in fact, is the polar opposite. I have not bought any flights and book one night only at hotels when I arrive, I go with the flow and decide on the next destination when the time is right. Because of this philosophy I didn’t deal with the Indonesian visa and I am leaving the country soon to go to Australia for a few weeks. And that is ok. I have realised that the universe usually points me to a place or person and there is a reason or lesson behind it. My kids are worried and I am turning into a hippy…

One thing I have noticed amongst some of the foreigners who are here long term is how they hug each other. They linger. Like they are saying, I am here for you and I am spending a moment making a physical connection with you. And there is something quite beautiful about that innocence. It has gotten me thinking about embraces. Are you someone who fully and completely enjoys that brief moment of touching another human being or are you a little stiff about it. And yes, for the most part I find it difficult to surrender myself. I also realise that I am reactive. If I am hugging someone who gives a long, good hug, I respond in kind. And if I am with someone who gives the equivalent of an air kiss, I do the same. I don’t know what that says about me, perhaps that I am happy to adapt and do whatever makes others comfortable or that I haven’t got the chutzpah to do what I want. Time to change and start doing what feels right for me I think…

4 thoughts on “Ubud: The Magic of an Embrace

  1. Leaving Bali, the embraces and tranquility may be a bit of culture shock entering Australia but I’m sure with it’s own rewards..safe travels!!

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