Ubud’s Healing Power

Ubud is the perfect place for me time. The food is really good everywhere and the fresh fruit juices like watermelon or papaya are just delicious. If you want to look after your body, there is pilates, types of yoga and meditation I’d never heard of and £5 massages. If you are into alternative therapies or want to nurture your inner child there are an equally vast number of options from rebirthing to aura reading.  And I found it impossible not to be seduced by it. I sampled only a fraction of what is on offer and enjoyed the challenge of being open minded enough to try something new. Theta, craniosacral manipulation and crystal healing were relaxing, scar releasing which I didn’t know was very painful, reprogramming was puzzling and last but not least, a tarot reading with a Balinese woman who was so astoundingly accurate in describing my character and personality, I can only hope she will be just as spot on about the predictions she made. The issue they all agreed on was that my masculine side is too dominant and I should bring my feminine side into balance. So, there, I prepare to unleash my inner princess…

The people I have met here are candid about their imperfections, which I have found refreshing and it got me thinking about vulnerability. We so often hide that which we don’t like about ourselves for fear it will make us unattractive. And while it may be our dynamism or sense of humour that first makes us attractive to others, it is our vulnerabilities which make us likeable. Not just that, but by being open about those imperfections, we allow others to feel ok about their own. If we present ourselves as strong and perfect, we may not leave room for their less than perfect feelings. I enjoy being in a place where nobody judges who I am, what I do and where I want to get to.

I am sad to be leaving Ubud but I am determined to return. I feel I have unfinished business here, there is more to learn and enjoy. And isn’t that the best way to leave a place. To feel you could have stayed for a bit longer. And whenever you mention or talk about this place, you will smile and be filled with longing and nostalgia. I wonder how many other places will make me feel like this on my trip. I have been on the road for three months and I am not the least bit homesick. I think the sun is beginning to work its magic…I smile a lot more…

Sky in Ubud

Sky in Ubud

3 thoughts on “Ubud’s Healing Power

  1. Isn’t it what I said, Bali is a wonderful and spiritual Place with a Lot of Energy! Happy that You Feel the same. Wher do you go next? Wärmest regards Stephanie from Germany ( Koh Samui)

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