The Perfect Town of Adelaide

By the time I got to Adelaide I had been travelling for four months. It had been wondrous and I loved every minute but moving and meeting new people all the time is tiring and I was more than ready for a break. Adelaide was bound to be special as I have two friends who live there. I stayed with the fabulous Janet and it was a relief to be with someone I knew. It was not so much a time to explore but a time to take it easy. I took care of admin, sat in the garden smelling the jasmine, sorted my inbox, chilled out, went out for fabulous meals, and every now and then for walks on the beach.

Adelaide Sunset with Pelicans

Adelaide Sunset with Pelicans

Before I got there I wasn’t sure what to expect of Adelaide, another town like the ones I had already seen in Australia I guessed. It was a surprise to find it thriving, where people are smartly dressed, look happy and the quality of live is incredible. The beach is right there, in my case two blocks away, white sand with a scattering of people in it. It was my luck that the roses in the city were all in bloom and it was a stunning sight. Roses everywhere. One morning we took a leisurely walk around the Botanical Gardens which are free, there for anyone to enjoy.

The most extraordinary was the traffic, or lack thereof. For someone coming from a big city like London it was astonishing to find you could get from A to B without any hassle, and in a blink of an eye you would get to the other side of town. The Central Market was buzzing and there were stalls and shops offering food and products from all corners of the world. We treated ourselves to a heavenly Thai massage. Well, after a lovely lunch and a stroll around the market, it was a perfect way to end the afternoon. There is no shortage of cultural activities either, advertising for the Italian and British film festivals was in full swing.

Together with the lovely Susan we drove to the charming town of Goolwa on market day for coffee and headed for the Coriole winery, one of 200 situated within a short drive from the city. We sampled some wines, enjoyed the blooming flowers, had a delicious lunch and drove around Port Elliot stopping at both Horseshoe Bay and Lady Bay, really beautiful. At dusk we returned home. I wonder how many towns out there can boast such marvels. I was totally seduced by it and I had yet to visit Kangaroo Island. There is a list in progress of places I am contemplating spending the rest of my life in and Adelaide certainly is in it.

View from Coriole Winery, Adelaide

View from Coriole Winery, Adelaide

1 thought on “The Perfect Town of Adelaide

  1. I’m happy to hear you are enjoying Adelaide with friends. It sounds like taking time with friends in yet another
    tranquile place was just what you needed….can’t believe it’s already been 4 months since your world journey began….enjoy!

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