A Perfect Moment in the Whitsundays

A perfect moment is hard to define and is subjective. It can be many things, pure, unadulterated bliss, all the planets perfectly aligning to gift a treasure or like drinking Felix Felicis, an extraordinary bout of good luck that brings success in an endeavour.There are few times in life when I have been aware of living a perfect moment. My 2 year old year daughter’s beaming face when I gave her a pink tutu, never have I seen such complete and utter happiness. A balmy night in Malta when my 19 year old son told me what he thought of me as a parent leaving me in no doubt as we walked back to our apartment that I was carrying an armful of Parenting Oscars. It is easy to know a perfect moment once it has passed but the marvel is to know it as it happening, to inwardly say, this is it, a moment I will photograph in my mind and forever remember this feeling.

Whitehaven Beach was one such moment. Escaping the bad weather in Sydney I flew to the Barrier Reef where as luck would have it, it was more of the same. I decided to go to Daydream Island in the Whitsundays. A very small island with just one resort in it. It sounded idyllic and in its own way it was. The reason for choosing it was to do something I have never done before, snorkel. Well, if I am going to that for the first time in my life, I might was well do it on the Barrier Reef, I thought. I am not a very confident swimmer and “Jaws” at a tender age left me scarred for life so I knew I would only be able to do it if I could snorkel off the beach. I had been practising at the pool in Ubud and had one last practise at the pool at Daydream the day before with the proper kit. The lovely Blair took care of me as I took my first paddle. She was great, I kept thinking that for her who goes off at sea my small outing near the beach must have seem laughable but she was very sweet. It was not as fantastic as it could have been, it was cloudy and there were algae floating around which meant the water was a bit murky. Still, I saw lots of colourful fish and clams and felt, as happy as one! There is a feeling of accomplishment when you do something you have never tried before.

Lovers Cove at Daydream Island

Lovers Cove at Daydream Island

I nearly cancelled the daytrip to Whitehaven Beach. All day on the beach without shelter from the rain, it if came, was not an attractive prospect, but I figured the worst that would happen is I would get wet and went anyway. I am so glad I did. The little boat carrying about 16 of us arrived at sunny Whitehaven where there were a number of people already and we all scattered. People were sleeping under a tree or playing with their phones. I stared at the ocean for several hours. How anyone would chose the phone or a nap over this spectacle was beyond me. For a moment I wanted to shake them and say, but look at this, this is probably one of the most amazing sights you will ever see…To each his own, I left them to it and set myself to enjoy this most fabulous gift.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

The sun was out, the sand was white as snow and the water shone all shades of emerald and sapphire.  To my delight, every now and then a few turtles would surface, their heads bobbing in the water. The water so clear that even from the shore I could see baby sharks swim by. In the distance the outline of other islands was perfectly visible adding a certain air of mystery. I couldn’t help but wonder at what Europeans must have thought when they came across this paradise. Surely they must have wondered if they had found Eden itself. Very few times has nature filled me with awe and this was one. I sat under the shade or walked along the beach fully aware this was one of those, perfect, precious moments I have lived. I felt such joy and complete happiness. I filled a little bottle labelled Day at the Beach that is safely stored in my memory vaults. It was so beautiful, there are no words. My photographs do not do it justice but in my mind it remains perfection itself.

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays


Ready! Whitsundays

Ready! Whitsundays







1 thought on “A Perfect Moment in the Whitsundays

  1. In awe of your snorkeling and conquering a fear…I’m so phobic of anything on my face while underwater however the waters look amazing, calm and clear to enjoy. Isn’t it amazing how some people would rather dabble on the phone rather than enjoy the beauty around them including their loved ones???? Haven’t figured that one out yet!

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