A Grenade Explosion in Bangkok

I arrived in Bangkok for a few days to go to the dentist, get rid of a lump in my leg that appeared in the last few months and fly to Luang Prabang. Given the current political situation, Bangkok was not a place I wanted to be in but it seemed like the practical choice as I was only a few hour’s drive away in Cambodia and it had a good hospital. I booked a hotel a few yards from the hotel so I would not have to move about very much, which was just as well. My leg throbbed if I walked too much and events in the city rattled me.

The bus journey from Cambodia was typical, had to wait for ages at a truck stop by the Thai border without being told when we would be departing, nobody knew anything, so I patiently sat until I saw several people pile up in a small van and made my way to secure a seat.

Bangkok seemed quiet and the day after I arrived I set off to run some errands, first to Chatuchak weekend market to get some fruit seeds for my friend Tamara and then to MBK mall to get some business cards made. There have been many occasions where people I have met on the road have asked about my blog and I have kicked myself for not having anything to hand out.

Bangkok Rally

Bangkok Rally

I spent the entire afternoon in the mall while the cards were being made somewhat uneasy that there was a huge rally outside, aware that if things went wrong I would be in the midst of things. The entire street was taken over, half rally, half impromptu market, people sitting on the floor and clumps of sleeping tents here and there. Crossing it and getting through the crowds to get to the mall entrance was not something I enjoyed. But then, my kids will tell you I am paranoid that way. The next day I discovered that a grenade had exploded killing 3 people outside another shopping mall barely 20 minute walk from where I’d been…Two kids enjoying a day out with their parents. Very sad.

Bangkok Rally

Bangkok Rally

For a few days I was busy with hospital appointments and on my journey to the airport the taxi had these precious stickers on its window letting people know what was deemed unacceptable behaviour in said taxi. I was giggling and shaking my head with incredulity the entire way. The driver kept looking at me as though I was mad…you decide…

Bangkok Taxi

Bangkok Taxi

1 thought on “A Grenade Explosion in Bangkok

  1. Wow Silvia, you are such a brave and adventurous trooper….I’m grateful you weren’t in the wrong place at the wrong time while in Bangkok….

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