Victoria’s Secret

I loved my time in Victoria. It is a pretty town with nice shops and a charming waterfront. They say “a picture is worth a thousand words” and it was never truer than in this case. Take a peek at the photo below and you will know what I am trying to say.

Victoria, Canada

Victoria, Canada

I stayed with my old friend Jill, whom I had not seen in years and it was a very chilled affair. We ate lots of cheese, chatted in equal measure and went out with some of her friends. I got to see the town from a local’s perspective and it was sweet. Everyone was charming and the visit to a local market set up in one of the schools conveyed a sense of community that I had not felt in a long time.

I had been lucky enough to see a couple of orcas while on the ferry from Vancouver but I took a whale tour and tried my luck. Of course, with nature you can never predict if you are going to be fortunate, but I was. Oh so fortunate. I saw two of the pods and I enjoyed watching the orcas jump and frolic in and out of the water, oohing and aahing like a 5 year old. I don’t know what Victoria’s secret is, but it left my warm and fuzzy.

Orca at Victoria, Canada

Orca at Victoria, Canada

2 thoughts on “Victoria’s Secret

  1. Guess you had a ‘whale of a time’. Quite a difference to the blue model in the natural History Museum, your photo is ‘the real thing’. Amazing

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