To Infinity…and Beyond!

For the most part, we are creatures of habit. It is easy to get used to the way things are and plod along. We only drink coffee with breakfast, we exercise in the evenings, we do not ski, etc. Nothing wrong with that except that perhaps our world becomes that bit smaller. I wanted to challenge myself, to push the boundaries a little, see what happened when I did something I would not ordinarily do.  And so during this trip I have tried a few things that have taken me completely out of my comfort zone: I am not a confident swimmer but wanted to snorkel for the first time and did so on the Barrier Reef. I do not do well without food and completed a 6 day fast. I went to a shaking ashram for 5 days where for 6 hours a day, you guessed it, we shook like leaves on a windy day. I love company and I set off on the road alone for over a year and a half.

It is interesting to see how people react, some enthusiastic, totally getting it, wondering what it would be like to sail on unchartered waters. Others look at me like I am crazy for doing something that makes me feel uncomfortable. I remember someone who looked at me over dinner when I was explaining about all this and commented I clearly had a lot of issues. Not surprisingly, there was no second date…

And here I am, about to embark on the latest challenge I have set for myself. We all have our quirks and the fact is I am shy when I am on a big group. I am fine with four or five friends but throw in a couple more people and I am speechless. I am the one who listens to what everyone has to say, laughs at the jokes and admires others’ feats. Recently I was at a movie screening where the two main actors where taking Q&A. I absent-mindedly pulled the sleeve of my top and clearly one of the two thought I was raising my hand to ask something. I stopped breathing. And so to push this boundary just a little bit I am about to start a 4 week acting boot camp in LA. I am not aiming for infinity, just beyond…

2 thoughts on “To Infinity…and Beyond!

  1. you are still the strongest and most courageous woman I’m blessed to know Silvia! SO looking forward to seeing you on Sunday!!!!!! xoxoxox

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