Boot Camp Week 1

I have survived the first week and though there were a few moments when I asked myself “what the hell am I doing here?” for the most part it was fine. Even on the first day we had to go onto the stage and do our thing for about five or ten minutes. I was dreading it so much that on that first day I waited to be the last one obtaining like this a small reprieve until the next day, thought then I had to go out twice once for the day before and once for the current day.

I wish that I could say I have improved during the week but alas, no. I still wait until the very end to come out.  But by the end of the week I have seen how nervous everyone is when put on the spot. Though generally speaking, it is the female contingent who is open about it and physically manifests it by giggling and moving legs and tapping feet. The guys just sit there, anchored to the chair like they own it. They too feel nervous as they talk about it later, but are better at hiding it. It was fascinating to watch people’s body language on that first couple of days.

In the mornings for an hour we do free exercises that are more like games. In it we have to improvise for a minute at situations thrown at us there and then. At first I was petrified but then realised that you do not have to be brilliant at it, nobody is judging and that takes the pressure off. I am still nervous going out there for my minute but becoming a little more at ease with it. The exercises are designed to making us attuned to our partners’ moods and reactions and I can see this will be great at becoming more aware to people’s feelings.

I had my first taped scene and I was very nervous. I groaned inwardly thinking about how on earth I was going to memorise it all but I did…just. I was not brilliant as found the lines evaporated when I tried to incorporate the actions to go with the dialogue. And found it absolutely impossible not to look at the camera when I was supposed to look at my partner. I don’t know, perhaps I was waiting for some sort of blessing or something. This just confirms what I’ve always known…I am not good at multitasking! Phew…glad it is Friday!

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