Boot Camp Week 2

I am still feeling shy about going out there in the middle of the room or stage and in one of the exercises I totally blocked when told I had to buy a sandwich in character. I totally messed up but everyone is very positive and are great at giving encouragement.  So hopefully will be better next time.

I had my second scene and was surprised that though the dialogue was double the size from last week, I learned it much faster and when we were rehearsing, it fell into place more easily and best of all, I didn’t get distracted by the actions. I was playing a repressed and uptight woman and what that hell, I was feeling fairly uptight trying to repress my nervousness so I felt I did quite well. During one group rehearsal and to much hilarity, my partner and I were told to end each sentence of our dialogue with an insult

  • “He asked me questions, you frigid bitch!”
  • “What kind of questions, you slut!”

It actually worked at getting each of us into what our character felt about the other one, it was really fun and made the scene work so much better when we eventually did it.

It was my birthday during the week and I was hoping to do something special like tea at Chateau Marmont (well, last year I gave myself a trip to Borobudur!) but came down with the cold from hell the day before and stayed at home. I am doing airbnb and my lovely host cooked me a birthday dinner. I felt bad that I was not up to much talking and celebrating but it was a wonderful gesture and much appreciated. Recharging batteries.

3 thoughts on “Boot Camp Week 2

  1. You really deserve to pat yourself on the back for the “stepping out of your comfort zone” experiences you’ve endured over the past year and a half AND you’re still not finished!

  2. I sat beside you at “love”. Your a fascinating woman! Can’t wait to hear about your Vegas adventures. Safe travels home

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