Boot Camp Week 3 and 4

There is an exercise I totally hate: repetition. We work in couples and one person says a sentence about something he/she perceives in the other, and then the other responds exactly the same “you are nervous” “I am nervous” ad nauseam. Over and over it goes. I find it hard to read people and after a while I have no idea how to react anymore. I really, really hate it. I am sure it must be great the day you find yourself having an Epiphany but in the meantime it is awful. This technique is called Meisner and the theory is that you react to what your partner is giving you rather than focusing on you and how you think you should be feeling. It is about what you get and therefore how you react to your partner.

Los Angeles


We are a nice group, mostly late 20s or early 30s and it gels quite well. Quite incredibly there is no prima donna, you know, that one person who has to give an opinion every ten minutes or relate everything to themselves. Everyone is on the same page and it works well. Although by week 4 I can see who is aggravating whom and wonder how they will get on for the 2 month long Boot Camp 2…perhaps it is just as well that I have already committed to returning to Europe.  After 20 months on the road, I think it is time…

We are told to be in the moment but it is difficult because all attention and effort is placed in remembering the lines and saying them at the right time. I did have a moment during one of the exercises when I became very emotional and inexplicably I burst into tears during the scene. I was overcome with emotion and I can’t quite explain where it all came from. Did not care one bit that everybody else was sitting there watching. It was quite liberating. We strive, or I do anyway, to be cool, calm and collected. We understand that when there is conflict, a cool head will help you more than giving your emotion free reign. And during this trip I have achieved a zen like state of being where I am totally relaxed, nothing fazes me, I have become super adaptable and know that everything will work out so never get upset. And now I am expected to do the opposite. Let it all out. It is bloody tough. This acting malarkey is much harder than it looks…

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