Forever Rome

Finally back in Europe and after a few very hectic days in the UK catching up with children and errands, I find myself in Rome, the eternal city. The thing about Rome is that it is just beautiful. It doesn’t matter where you go, you can turn any corner and find the most stunning building or piazza. Though unfortunately, the weather has been quite temperamental and it is hard to know from day to day if I will need my summer clothes and sunscreen or a boat and oars to cross town.

Roman Forum, Rome

Roman Forum, Rome

I am happy here but it has been quite busy. I am attending a language course which takes all morning, after lunch there is homework and reading Harry Potter in Italian which because of my kids I know backwards, so do not have to worry about understanding what is going on. By the evening I watch TV and I continually write down expressions I do not know. It is all consuming, it occupies every second I am awake and by 10pm I am shattered and crawl into bed. I am thrilled all the effort has paid off and my comprehension has increased dramatically.

Villa Medici, Rome

Villa Medici, Rome

There have been a few visits from overseas friends and this coming weekend, my lovely daughter will be here to spend some time with me. I am trying to work out which would be of more interest to her and in preparation of her visit, I started tiramisu sampling everywhere I go. It is a tough job, but somebody has to do it!


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