A Perfect Moment in the Whitsundays

A perfect moment is hard to define and is subjective. It can be many things, pure, unadulterated bliss, all the planets perfectly aligning to gift a treasure or like drinking Felix Felicis, an extraordinary bout of good luck that brings success in an endeavour. Continue reading

Sydney in the Rain…and I Wasn’t Singing

The heavens were not cooperating and I was doomed to see Sydney with grey skies, wind and rain. And for a city that boasts the outdoor, it was a disaster. It was so bad that after barely two days I left for the Barrier Reef in the hope that it would be better by the time I returned. It was not. Continue reading

Kangaroo Island…The Cherry on Top!

During my two weeks in Adelaide I took an overnight trip to Kangaroo Island. The cherry on top of a fantastic fortnight. Kangaroo Island is a perfect natural jewel and in my book as much of a must see as other more famous places in Australia. Each new spot more special than the previous one, two days filled with awe and wonderment. I imagine this is what David Attenborough feels on a daily basis and I was privileged to have the experience. Continue reading

Darwin to Adelaide by Bus: a Different Culinary Experience

With a country as big as Australia, it seemed almost a pity to fly from place to place and not get to see the countryside itself. In a moment of madness or inspiration, I decided to travel from Darwin to Adelaide by bus. That is about 1880 miles which then turned into something more like 2700 miles or 4500 km by the time I did all the side trips. It is a big country, it was a long trip. Continue reading

The Underground Town of Coober Pedy

While I was doing some online research on Australia I came across Coober Pedy and thought it sounded intriguing. A mining town established in 1915 when opal was first found there and that still supplies most of the quality opal in the world market today. What intrigued me though, was that due to the high summer temperatures most of the houses were built underground. So I knew I would have to see this for myself. Continue reading

The Red Centre: Alice and Uluru

Ever since reading “A Town like Alice” I’d wanted to go to Alice Springs. It is a small town and easily seen in a day. I visited the National Pioneer women’s Hall of Fame which is fascinating and I learned about the strength and sheer courage of the wives of missionaries, miners and telegraph masters. I was left in awe of how hard life must been like for those who first arrived in the outback. They truly must have been made of sterner stuff. Continue reading

Northern Territory: A Trip of Firsts – Part 2

I had never seen waterfalls before and took a trip to Jim Jim Falls which was not a great success. There was no water at the falls but then, I never made it that far. It was close to midday, temperatures of about 104 F (40C), the deafening sound of the crickets or cicadas and there were enormous boulders that had to be negotiated and were burning hot. Continue reading

Northern Territory: A Trip of Firsts – Part 1

I have spent nearly three weeks in Australia’s Northern Territory where I have seen the most amazing nature. Quite unintentionally, Australia is becoming a trip of firsts and as Phil Collins sings there is something exhilarating about the first time you ever do something, a sensation that can never be repeated. Continue reading