Chiang Mai

Number of taxi drivers who today tried to charge me at least double: 5


There are so many beautiful temples and they are so different to what I am used to. The buildings are white outside but have an amazing array of colourful decorations. Really stunning. They feel very accessible and are not imposing. It is easy to just walk about and maybe come across a line of robes drying in the sun. One of the best meals I have had was in a restaurant at Wat Suan Dok temple. Probably the best vegetarian meal I have ever had. It blew my mind.  Continue reading

Chiang Mai – First Impressions

Mozzie bites: 12

flat CM

My arrival in Chiang Mai was not good, the 12 hour train ride turned into nearly 15 and I arrived hungry, tired and irritable. Things did not improve when arriving at the hotel I was told the restaurant was closed but would I want to get a pizza or Burger King…I was not amused. Continue reading