Havana: A Night at the Ballet

It occurred to me that a night at the ballet would be a nice contrast to all the salsa music so got tickets to see Swan Lake. The theatre was on the small side and fairly basic but the seats were comfortable and I had paid the grand sum of £15 for a prime stalls seat. Frankly I can’t remember the last time I sat at the stalls at the opera or the ballet. Continue reading

Xizhou, Far from the Tourist Crowds

Xizhou was exceptional in that there were no tourists whatsoever. The town is not geared up for that and it was just wonderful to experience an authentic town. We walked down a street with shops selling pyjamas, slippers or even burial clothes which are the traditional Chinese blue shirts and trousers that people seldom wear on a daily basis, even caught a glimpse of a barber in the midst of shaving someone’s head. Continue reading

Dali, a Coughing Dragon

Long gone are the days where you could arrive in some distant land and be the only tourist there. In China there are 1.3 billion people potentially willing to travel, so the main sights in China are packed full of Chinese tourists. The odd thing is they seem to travel in groups and stick to the main drag, once you leave that you hardly see anyone. Continue reading