Ubud’s Healing Power

Ubud is the perfect place for me time. The food is really good everywhere and the fresh fruit juices like watermelon or papaya are just delicious. If you want to look after your body, there is pilates, types of yoga and meditation I’d never heard of and £5 massages. Continue reading

Ubud: The Magic of an Embrace

Ubud is different. Full of tourists, restaurants, souvenir shops, massage salons and yoga studios yet there is a charm about it. The Balinese are lovely, always smiling, and even though most just want you to part with your money, they are sweet about it. I walk about the streets, among all these beautiful buildings and I know I have found a place where I want to spend more time.

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Something Wacky: Shaking Ashram in Bali

Times I Thought I Was in a Loony Bin: Impossible to Count

This trip is multi-layered, like peeling an onion. I want to do things I love, things that take me out of my comfort zone and a few things that are totally wacky. Recently I heard about the Shaking Ashram in Bali. Intrigued after a 3 minute conversation, I checked online and booked the minimum required stay of 5 days. Continue reading