Monywa, a Wonderful Surprise

Sometimes you go to the cinema to see a film that has received many awards and rave reviews, you know you are in for something very special and it does not disappoint. Other times, you randomly go and watch a film you have never heard of and you love it. Your appreciation and delight is so much bigger because it was unexpected. Bagan was the grand film that fulfilled all my expectations and Monywa was the surprise. I only came across this town a couple of times on the internet and I only knew that it had a big Buddha statue. For some reason I felt compelled to go and take a look. Continue reading

Bagan, Out of a Fairy Tale

There is only one word to define Bagan: extraordinary. I arrived after a 19 hour train ride and was obviously not thinking clearly as I decided that it would be quaint to visit the temples on a horse cart. Quaint it was, also dusty, slow and not very comfortable. In a way it was a sweet introduction to this amazing place. There are many temples and in four days I managed to see a fair number. Some so beautiful I saw twice. Either ornate with golden decorations, plain with carvings or with amazing murals. It was extraordinary. Continue reading