On or Off?

I am spidered out…this morning shrieked at what turned out to be my hair…

I have been here several weeks and I still have not completely understood the etiquette behind taking your shoes off. Before I left on my trip I read a lot about Thailand on the internet and I knew I would need to take my shoes off when visiting temples but nobody mentioned that I would have to take them off in other places like pharmacies, travel agencies, currency exchange booths, clothes shops, dentists, laundries or hairdressers. Most hotel staff will take them off when entering your room and it is interesting that now I am used to this I get quite peeved if they come in with their shoes on. Like they are not respecting my space. Once, totally justified in my eyes, I found myself getting exasperated when late at night security staff were fiddling with their shoes before entering my room and I was like “…never mind, forget the shoes, just come in…hurry and deal with the snake in the bathroom before it hides somewhere!!…”  Continue reading

Jungle Stay

The geckos in my room poop everywhere…the novelty is wearing off…

View from my Balcony, Koh Samui, Thailand

View from my Balcony, Koh Samui, Thailand

After 20 hours travelling I arrived at the health resort at Koh Samui and one of my first questions was “is there a Boots?”…I am missing some of the comforts from home already. I confess that the first few days I was unhappy. The resort was shabby and in need of some revamping, one of my bed sheets had holes big enough to put your entire hand through, but mostly because the staff didn’t really seem to care. It is frustrating when you can’t communicate and anything you ask always gets the same answer “What is your name?” “Yes”. Continue reading

Yes, I give way to roaches

(Listening to: Everybody’s Talking by The Beautiful South)


Local food is nice but very spicy, even when you say emphatically “not spicy” after two bites you will feel your mouth go numb. I have learned the hard way that not spicy simply means only one or two chillies are added, after all, they reckon, you need a bit of flavour!    Continue reading