Something Wacky: Shaking Ashram in Bali

Times I Thought I Was in a Loony Bin: Impossible to Count

This trip is multi-layered, like peeling an onion. I want to do things I love, things that take me out of my comfort zone and a few things that are totally wacky. Recently I heard about the Shaking Ashram in Bali. Intrigued after a 3 minute conversation, I checked online and booked the minimum required stay of 5 days. Continue reading

To Fast or Not To Fast

The resort I am staying in is famous for healthy eating and it is the reason I chose it. Not that I am unhealthy but I want to create healthy eating habits and more importantly, I want to stick with them. I have a tendency for not eating anything for hours and then, starving, I reach for the first thing readily available, more often than not, biscuits or such like. I reckon one month should do the trick. Most people are on a detox mission. 3 or 7 day juicing or fasting.  After a few days here, the question is will I tackle the fast or not. An integral part of the detoxing is the do-it-yourself twice daily colemas (enema done on a board) which I am not wild about. The resort staff wear t-shirts with the slogan “shit happen” on the back (sic). Not sure if that puts me off or encourages me at this point. Continue reading

Jungle Stay

The geckos in my room poop everywhere…the novelty is wearing off…

View from my Balcony, Koh Samui, Thailand

View from my Balcony, Koh Samui, Thailand

After 20 hours travelling I arrived at the health resort at Koh Samui and one of my first questions was “is there a Boots?”…I am missing some of the comforts from home already. I confess that the first few days I was unhappy. The resort was shabby and in need of some revamping, one of my bed sheets had holes big enough to put your entire hand through, but mostly because the staff didn’t really seem to care. It is frustrating when you can’t communicate and anything you ask always gets the same answer “What is your name?” “Yes”. Continue reading

Preparing for the Flight

cockpitOne thing about getting older for me is that I have become more and more terrified of flying. It was when I became a mother and aware of the implications of my own mortality that the uneasiness set in, ever so slightly. I developed coping strategies over the years and I am ok with short flights, once the flight is over 4 hours, I have run out of things to do and I begin to suffer, my heads feels like it will explode any second. Returning from California a couple of years ago I thought I was going to die. Continue reading