To Fast or Not To Fast

The resort I am staying in is famous for healthy eating and it is the reason I chose it. Not that I am unhealthy but I want to create healthy eating habits and more importantly, I want to stick with them. I have a tendency for not eating anything for hours and then, starving, I reach for the first thing readily available, more often than not, biscuits or such like. I reckon one month should do the trick. Most people are on a detox mission. 3 or 7 day juicing or fasting.  After a few days here, the question is will I tackle the fast or not. An integral part of the detoxing is the do-it-yourself twice daily colemas (enema done on a board) which I am not wild about. The resort staff wear t-shirts with the slogan “shit happen” on the back (sic). Not sure if that puts me off or encourages me at this point. Continue reading

On or Off?

I am spidered out…this morning shrieked at what turned out to be my hair…

I have been here several weeks and I still have not completely understood the etiquette behind taking your shoes off. Before I left on my trip I read a lot about Thailand on the internet and I knew I would need to take my shoes off when visiting temples but nobody mentioned that I would have to take them off in other places like pharmacies, travel agencies, currency exchange booths, clothes shops, dentists, laundries or hairdressers. Most hotel staff will take them off when entering your room and it is interesting that now I am used to this I get quite peeved if they come in with their shoes on. Like they are not respecting my space. Once, totally justified in my eyes, I found myself getting exasperated when late at night security staff were fiddling with their shoes before entering my room and I was like “…never mind, forget the shoes, just come in…hurry and deal with the snake in the bathroom before it hides somewhere!!…”  Continue reading