The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Crossing the road is a hazard…not all cars  stop at red lights

Bell at Golden Mount, Bangkok

Bell at Golden Mount, Bangkok

I didn’t like Bangkok very much. Lots of traffic, chaos, pollution and someone trying to get you to part with your money at every corner. One morning I went to visit Wat Saket, the Golden Mount. At the ticket office I was served by two cute school girls who spoke some English. As you go up to the top, you come across bells of different sizes and you are supposed to ring them for good luck or to make a wish. I didn’t know and made my wish on my way down, let’s just hope this doesn’t turn my wish upside down!   Continue reading

Yes, I give way to roaches

(Listening to: Everybody’s Talking by The Beautiful South)


Local food is nice but very spicy, even when you say emphatically “not spicy” after two bites you will feel your mouth go numb. I have learned the hard way that not spicy simply means only one or two chillies are added, after all, they reckon, you need a bit of flavour!    Continue reading